When taking advantage of search engine optimization and Pay Per Click (PPC) to increase your traffic and profits, the use of well-researched keywords is crucial. If you have an e-commerce site, for example, your relevant and targeted keywords are key to cultivating return customers.

Smart businesses like yours put effort and time into your internet marketing programs to ensure that you benefit from appearing in the top of the search results. You have a strong selection of keywords that have been targeted for use year-round. But did you know that there are benefits to exploring seasonal keywords to take advantage of seasonal trends in e-commerce?

Seasonal keywords appear in search results during certain times of the year and have low relevance during the rest of the year. Strong seasonal periods are Christmas, Summer, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Winter, and the 4th of July for example. Almost any e-commerce site can take advantage of seasonal keywords.

By exploring seasonal search trends and patterns and applying them to your PPC campaigns in particular, you can plan marketing campaigns to run alongside annual peak times like Christmas or Valentine’s Day, establish the right timing for your Pay Per Click campaigns and determine how to increase site traffic during low traffic times surrounding major holidays.

Do you sell cookware, tools, or items for around the home online? You can capitalize on the Summer months or Father’s Day by featuring keywords targeting ‘Father’s Day gifts’ or ‘summer’ grilling and BBQ supplies, outdoor dining accessories and more.

Here's a great example ad:
Buy Summer BBQ Gifts
Hawaiian Wood Chips, Unique
Spice Rubs for the BBQ Grill & More!

Run a travel-related business? You can take advantage of any annual event or calendar-related item relating to winter or summer getaways, camping, the 4th of July or large concerts or conventions coming to town. You could even include election years, busy wedding seasons or major sporting events!

One thing to keep in mind for your seasonal PPC campaign is that seasonal keywords ride on trends and thus, should not be included in your regular campaigns. For organization’s sake, you should create separate campaigns and ad groups to capitalize on seasonal peaks while maintaining focus on your year-round campaigns. You also want to ensure that your landing pages that are supporting the seasonal ads have been well-optimized for the target seasonal keywords.

Using seasonal keywords in a short-term, highly targeted Pay Per Click campaign can be a great add-on to your ongoing organic search engine optimization program. Ask us about setting up a targeted seasonal PPC campaign to support your e-commerce website today!