Magento is one of the most popular open-source e-commerce platforms which offers flexible functionalities.

It provides efficient control over the appearance, functionality, and content and includes a shopping cart system for online stores. 

If you've completed your Magento website development, you now need some effective and efficient Magento extensions for your marketing. 

Why Do You Need Magento Extensions?

Although it’s one of the best platforms to start your online e-commerce business, it doesn’t offer the most efficient SEO, marketing, and sales features that many e-commerce business owners want to have.

To enhance your web portal and to optimize the customer experience using the best Magento extensions is always a wise idea. But due to the bulk of available options, it is complicated and challenging to choose the right ones. 

That’s why we have come up with the list of best extensions to increase your Magento e-commerce traffic and Magento e-commerce sales. These extensions cover all the essential areas, such as fraud prevention, language translation, payment procedures, page design, e-commerce development, Magento marketing, etc.

We have also integrated the price of each extension for your convenience.

Updated for October 2020.

Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite - SEO Functionality

Mirasvit Advanced SEO Suite is a compelling Magento extension for your e-commerce development and enhancements to improve your online store's SEO

You can optimize specific product groups and categories for a specific search type on your selected template by using the Advanced SEO suite. In addition, this extension works for all search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. This extension includes the following features:

  • You get advanced and rich snippets
  • Allows you to create meta-tags by templates
  • Allows you to create an advanced and detailed sitemap specifically for google
  • You get the most efficient Magento SEO analysis for each separate page
  • Allows you to enhance the digital presence of your e-commerce store


Advanced SEO Suite extension offers value for your money, and you can get the community edition at only $149 for a lifetime. If you want to go for the enterprise edition, $99 will be added, which makes it $248.

  • You get 90 days of 100 percent free support
  • Free updates for lifetime
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee


Advanced SEO Suite extension is compatible with both “Magento 1” and “Magento 2”.

Klaviyo - Email Marketing and Automation

Klaviyo is a third party email marketing and marketing automation platform and provides an easy to setup Magento extension that coupled with the platform provides tremendous data and value. It offers you an environment where you can learn about your customers in the best possible way. This extension provides you with the basic building block functionality to create targeted and highly personalized marketing across different channels.

You can keep a full-fledged record of the actions of your customers, such as purchase history, web portal browsing behaviors, shopping patterns, campaign engagement, and the average spent. The marketing possibilities for Magento e-commerce sales are endless with the amount of data Klaviyo provides.

The features that Klaviyo provides are as followed:

  • Automatic rebuilding of the cart link
  • Codeless signup forms
  • Readymade flow templates
  • Personalized automation
  • Richer segmentation
  • Engagement of complete lifecycle
  • Single-click integration


The pricing plans of Klaviyo are different from the rest of the extensions, and it depends on the subscriptions and contacts that you require. You can ask for a quote by visiting their website.


Klaviyo extension is compatible with both “Magento 1” and “Magento 2”.


Mailchimp. For many, Mailchimp was their first email marketing automation platform with Magento. While it does have many good features, we recommend Klaviyo over Mailchimp for it's robust automations and integration options with Magento 2.

Yotpo - Customer Reviews

This extension is most useful for e-commerce businesses seeking to increase their number of reviews. Yotpo makes the customer reviewing process more streamlined and efficient to leverage good reviews. The customer reviews must be used correctly to work for a growing and thriving business. 

A useful review is one of the most potent marketing weapons for your e-commerce business, and it can work wonders if used properly. It not only generates a higher trust level, but it also brings more Magento e-commerce traffic to your web store, which leads to higher sales. There’s a massive list of features that Yotpo extension offers.

  • All the essential functionalities related to reviews such as smart review reminders, site and product reviews, exciting reviews import functions, reviews carousel, reviews tab, reviews badge, etc.
  • Email upselling
  • Inline SEO
  • Rich snippets 
  • Google listing ads
  • Product backlist
  • Ads for Facebook
  • Customer photos social push


Yotpo offers both free and paid plans, and you can choose the one according to your requirements. There are multiple sets of features in the free plan as well. The paid “Growth Plan” includes more for only $29. For detailed pricing, you have to go to the official website of Yotpo, where you can request a demo to get all the pricing plans. 


Yotpo extension is compatible with both “Magento 1” and “Magento 2”.

Mirasvit Layered Navigation - Enhanced Category Navigation

The structure and the format of the web portal of your e-commerce business is the first thing that your customers interact with. People do not spend much time on your website to make a decision. That’s why your Magento website development is very critical. Your website must be clear, user-friendly, and well-structured with an easy navigation process to produce more conversion rates.

The Mirasvit Layered Navigation extension provides attractive and extremely flexible navigation. It not only matches your selected design and theme, but it also fulfills all the latest approaches and techniques of a new Magento web store.

The features that Mirasvit Layered Navigation extension offers are but not limited to the following:

  • Navigation menu with improved layered navigation
  • Ajax technology to speed up your catalog
  • Improved sorting
  • Variety of various filters and their customization
  • Fast Ajax pagination and infinite Ajax scroll
  • SEO optimized URLs functionality


You can buy the basic edition of Mirasvit Layered Navigation extension for Magento 1 at $139, and if you include the brand selection, then it will cost you $89 more, which in total will be $222.
Whereas you can buy the community edition of Layered Navigation extension for Magento 2 at $149 and the enterprise edition at $298.

  • You get 90 days of 100 percent free support
  • Free updates for lifetime
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee


Layered navigation offers two separate versions to work with both “Magento 1” and “Magento 2”.

Mirasvit Elastic Search - Improved Site Search

There are thousands of similar products available online, and one of the most challenging tasks is to rank your product at the top of the search results. If the search is according to the product description that you offer, and the speed of your web portal is right, it could help increase your sales.  

Mirasvit Elastic Search is one of the most technically advanced and efficient extensions for Magento. It has its own search engine to come up with the most relevant and quickest results. If you want to add the search speed to your Magento e-commerce store, then Elastic Search is your best choice.

The most advanced features that these ultimate extension offers are but not limited to:

  • Handles over 500 queries per second
  • Offers search spell correction and autocomplete drop-down list
  • Most efficient search result relevance
  • Multiple content type of search
  • Compatible to search in any language
  • Supports all the responsive themes
  • Supports stop-words and synonyms
  • Supports long tail search


You can get the community edition at only $199 for a lifetime. If you want to go for the enterprise edition, $199 will be added, which makes the total amount of $448.

  • You get 90 days of 100 percent free support
  • Free updates for lifetime
  • 30 days of a money-back guarantee


Advanced SEO Suite extension is compatible with both “Magento 1” and “Magento 2”.


Sphinx Search Ultimate.

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