If your calendar looks more empty with fewer on the road Trade Shows and conferences, you’re not alone.

Many of us miss the tradeshow and booth experience, the wide variety of prospects and vendors you can talk to regularly. It was a highlight of our sales cycle, and the connections built over the years are missed. These times will return, but they’ll be different in the future.

In the meantime, you and your team have KPIs to hit. While replicating that unique experience on the Internet is challenging, collecting leads and contacts from interested prospects is very doable online.

Once you’ve defined your audience, chosen the advertising platform (we recommend Linkedin first for business professionals), your message, and your budget (a healthy starting advertising budget for middle to senior professionals is $100 a day), how you connect with and collect information comes down to your marketing and sales goals.

Need a contact? Use Linkedin Lead Gen forms. Need a virtual business card? Linkedin Lead Gen forms were developed to quickly capture a contact’s information for your sales team to reach out to and connect with.

Linkedin professionals leave you their work email and name in a Linkedin form after seeing your targeted ad and clicking on your targeted ad. You now have their contact information and know precisely what message they clicked on and what you should talk to them about.

Need a project request? Use a custom built landing page. Many older websites were not designed and built to capture visitors' information easily, often sending people through unnecessary pages and navigation to land on a contact page.

This makes for a poor lead generation and visitor experience. Imagine being at a tradeshow, talking to a potential prospect, and telling them to go to the next ballroom over for someone else to ask them for their contact information.

Need to Reach a Large Audience? Use your website or a landing page. If top of the funnel broad brand awareness is your goal for announcing a new service or product offering, then your website with a dedicated page about that brand new product or service is sufficient.

But tailor it to your new audience. Make sure it’s mobile friendly. Include eye catching video and high quality compressed images. Be absolutely certain to include an email capture form on the actual page itself, and significantly high on the page where people will see it.

Your competition might already be running ads, and other companies similar to yours have found success doing Linkedin Lead Gen campaigns as well.

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