However, we also understand that many of our visitors who are considering ecommerce options may not already be familiar with Magento.

So, What is Magento?

Simply put, Magento is an open source e-commerce platform that enables websites to more effectively display, promote, sort, and sell products online. Worldwide, it's one of the leading platforms of it's kind.

August Ash, Inc. has been designing and developing websites in Magento since 2007 for a variety of reasons; most notably because of it's open source advantages. Open source platforms make life easier and less costly for just about everyone involved. Benefits include:

  1. The platform itself is free, and even in unique scenarios where premium options are chosen, the cost is low.
  2. There is already a community of developers in place around the world who are proactively and consistently growing the platform and contributing to its improvement.
  3. The fact that an existing platform is already in place saves you and your developer time and money.
  4. Site administrators (i.e. your own staff) tend to agree that managing the platform behind the scenes is easier. Again, the community of developers aids in this user-friendliness.

If you have questions about Magento, whether you're just considering the option of selling online, or you already have a site that needs some expert attention, August Ash is here to help. Our Magento web designers have years of experience resolving even the most confusing situations, and allowing sites to work more prifitably and smoothly. Let us help your organization starting today.