Give People What They Want

Who is your audience? What information are they looking for? Before drafting content, you must determine your audience’s main objective for visiting the website. Whether they are primarily searching for contact information or product selection, a call-to-action button or tab in the navigation bar on the homepage should be easily visible and accessible so visitors can click on and redirect themselves to the corresponding landing page.

Have you ever visited a website that was so cluttered and cramped with content that you immediately wanted to leave? It’s important to have clear redirects that guide visitors to the appropriate information, but it’s also extremely crucial that the homepage reassures visitors that they are in the right place. As most visitors enter a website through the homepage, the content here should give them a clear understanding of the company and what its capabilities, products, and services are. Remember to keep it simple! A general overview on the homepage then allows other landing pages to provide more specific information pertaining to the subject of interest (company history, product information, etc.).

Check out our client Sound and Media Solutions and how they have made use of simple content on their homepage. 

Sound and Media homepage


Eliminate Industry Jargon

Just because you are an expert in your industry does not necessarily mean that your visitors can completely understand the jargon. Therefore, it is important to create content that can be understood by all audiences. Information throughout the website should be comprehensive, useful, and easy to read at a glance.

Be a Valuable Resource

As previously mentioned in our SEO series, blogging is not only a great tool that can boost SEO, but when done correctly and on a regular basis it can help build company reputation. Becoming a reliable and credible source and increasing website traffic by blogging is a lot harder than it looks, but is still a great way to connect with an audience and answer common questions by providing relevant, interesting, and useful information.

Next week we will be dig a bit deeper and reveal the benefits of visual content. That’s right, we're talking video, picture, and infographic content. 

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