Keeping It Real
This term has been used and abused generously over the past couple of decades; to the point where being "real" can mean just about anything now. For our purposes, though, we should think of "real" in terms of how authentic a company is. How forthright is their communication? How transparent are they?

Is your web design firm easy to talk to? When you ask questions, consider the answers you get. If your web designer tends to "dumb down" or "puff up" the answers (either one is just as bad), be skeptical. On the other hand, recognize the value of a web designer or search engine strategist who can admit when they don't know the answer to your query, or can see when a particular part of the project isn't working the way it should.

Remember, you're hiring this person as an advocate for your own success. You shouldn't have to finance a big ego.

Real Equals Accessible
Along with being direct and honest, your web design firm can prove how real they are by being readily available.

Previously we hit on the fact that your web designer should be adequately staffed and capable of delivering outstanding results. The other side of that coin is accessibility. A good web design house will continue to grow and enhance its offerings, but not at the risk of losing touch with its clients. What good is a firm that can sell you an expensive tool, but can't give you the time to talk about it?

At August Ash, we've seen firsthand the challenges that come with success and growth. We'll be the first to admit that it hasn't always been easy. Our staff, however, has grown in step with our burgeoning client base; a move we see as necessary to continue providing our trademark personal attention to every customer.

Is your web design firm giving you a remarkable combination of big-company options and small-company customer service? We think they should be.