What is it?

If you can relate, you’re experiencing a form of advertising known as “retargeting” (or remarketing).It is a specific type of advertising campaign aimed at serving rich display ads to visitors who have been to your website in the past 90 days or so as they browse other websites across the web

Over the past couple of years, it’s gained a great deal of notoriety as businesses of all sizes are beginning to incorporate it into their marketing mixes.

What's the purpose?

As described by AdRoll (a major platform for creating retargeting campaigns), retargeting increases sales by keeping your brand front and center of those who come to your website, bringing “window shoppers” back when they are ready to buy.  Not all web visitors are ready to take action on their first visit, especially if it’s a big purchase decision. Retargeting offers advertisers a cost-effective way to increase brand frequency very quickly to an audience who has expressed strong interest in a particular product or service.

Does it work?

At August Ash, we’ve worked with many businesses who participate in retargeting advertising, and in all cases, we’ve seen distinct benefits, whether it be through increased conversions or increased brand repetition at a very low cost.

Website #1 - Local Business.  Monthly Traffic:  350

(Snapshot of Google AdWords Retargeting Campaign - August 2013)

Comments: In our first month of retargeting, the campaign didn’t generate any return traffic, but it also didn’t cost any money.  A nice feature of retargeting through Google AdWords is that you can create campaigns based on CPC (cost-per-click), meaning that you only pay if someone clicks.  Essentially, we received multiple brand repetitions absolutely free.  This won’t always happen, but it’s possible.  When users do decide to click, the average cost is between $1 and $6 per visit.

Website #2 - Ecommerce.  Monthly Traffic:  22,500

(Snapshot of AdRoll Retargeting Campaigns - September 2013)

Comments: Website #2 currently runs two retargeting campaigns – one for visitors as they browse other websites, and another featured as “sponsored stories” within Facebook’s news feed.  On average, any visitor who comes to the website will see ads approximately 3-6 times within a 90 day time.  In this scenario, $155 a month is very inexpensive.  Not to mention, when visitors make 1 or 2 purchases, it almost covers the cost of the campaigns

Why Should Every Business Consider Retargeting?

Plain and simple, it’s an inexpensive medium that allows you to further connect with your audience, with a very low amount of effort.

Other mediums such as social media, email marketing and content marketing all require a great deal of time of effort.  It takes time to build an audience, create new content and to frequently monitor activity.With retargeting, many of these obstacles can be eliminated.

What's Next?

There are advantages and disadvantages of any type of medium you choose to engage in, and often times the best approach is a mix of many. At August Ash, we work with our clients to determine the most effective approach for any online market.We love new challenges, and are eager to bring our knowledge and experience to your unique situation as well.