What makes DrupalCon so great?

1.    High Quality Sessions

All the sessions we attended were high-quality and engaging. They spanned a variety of topics that were still interrelated and supported each other. The official release of Drupal 8 brought an exciting focus to the sessions. We especially loved the PHP and Symfony tracks and the newly added Project Manager track where our own Lynn Winter was a featured speaker and participant.

One of the best sessions we attended was “Watch the Hacker Hack” (https://events.drupal.org/neworleans2016/sessions/watch-hacker-hack). It was a great reminder that webmasters are in a never-ending dance between ease of use and security and that someone with enough desire and ability can probably hack into a website. We also got valuable insight into how the Drupal Security Team works and what they do to help identify and fix security issues.

There were a number of sessions about website accessibility for people with disabilities. They demonstrated how Drupal combines the values of compassion and cost-effectiveness to create websites that are accessible as well as financial viable. There’s a wealth of good information here for web developers and web content managers who want to factor accessibility into a website build:

2.    A Supportive, Collaborative Community

As we’ve always experienced, there continues to be so much positive energy in the Drupal community. There’s a lot of support to be found and people look for ways to help each other out wherever possible, even amongst supposed industry “competitors." We find it so inspiring and motivating to see what can be accomplished when people work together like the Drupal community does.

3.    An Impressive, Ever-Evolving Web Platform

In his opening keynote, Dries Buytaert, the founder of Drupal, showed us how quickly Drupal 8 is being adopted and how fast that number is expected to grow based the trend of past releases. He shared how Drupal is being used by so many different industries in really interesting ways, not only for websites, but also for mobile and other applications. For example, Tesla is using it in the dashboard of their cars.

4.    A Good Time

Last but not least, we never fail to have fun at DrupalCon. With so much positive energy and such a great group of people, how could you not?