August Ash at MRCA Fall Conference Tomorrow

Members of the August Ash team are excited to be heading to the Breezy Point Resort tomorrow to participate in the MRCA's 2012 Fall Conference. We're looking forward to meeting the friendly people of the Minnesota Resort & Campground Association, and learning more about how they represent their industry across the state.

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Social Media Tip of the Day: Share a Variety of Media

Not all of your Facebook and Twitter updates need to be strictly textual. In fact, part of the appeal of these social tools is their flexibility in posting all kinds of content. Consider these examples of ways you can capitalize on this:

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Content Tip of the Day: Get to the Point

Bite-sized content is the keyword here. Whether on a webpage or in your e-newsletter, hit the most important parts of your topic, and then take a break. This may sound like a contradiction to advice you’ve heard from us about needing a lot of content on your website, but it’s important to strike a balance of brevity and detail.  To begin with, start with the basics and let readers follow up with you if they have questions or want more information. That should be the purpose of your content anyway: to generate further conversation with potential customers.

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The Value of Having a Magento Certified Developer on Your Team

Magento Commerce, the eCommerce platform for growth, has a rigorous test that proves competency in understanding best practices of building solutions with Magento. Choosing a partner with certified developers is your best way to ensure that your project will be architected the right way and that the end result will provide value for years to come. With that in mind, we decided to demonstrate our skills in a measurable, objective way--giving customers added peace of mind when selecting us to manage their eCommerce web ...

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New Online Ticketing System Brings Added Freedom to AAI Customers

Last week, August Ash began formally rolling out our new online ticket creation process for web design and development customers. Using a smart and capable incident response tool respected within the industry, our team of developers is now able to take change requests directly online. This new method replaces our previous way of accepting requests which was done primarily via email.

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New Magento Website Launch: McKay Enterprises

Adding to the ever growing variety of fields our websites serve is this week's latest launch for McKay Enterprises. Based here in the Twin Cities, but reaching customers around the world, McKay designs and manufactures components for numerous firearms, with a special emphasis on assault guns.

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Social Media Tip of the Day: Let Others Participate

One of the most important features of social media is its ability to connect people. 

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New Drupal Website Launch: Envision Plastics & Design

 you've ever outsourced the services of a plastics fabrication company before, today's new launch announcement will be especially relevant. If, like the rest of us, the phrase "No Molds Required" has you stumped, you may be interested in the announcement for other reasons (like a great design implemented onto a powerful website CMS).

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New Magento Website Launch: Brainstorm Library

Brainstorm Library's new website is live! By providing books for readers from kindergarten up through 12th grade, Brainstorm is supporting the mission to get more students reading...and making it fun along the way.

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New Drupal Website Launch: Parade of Homes

It's been another busy week here, bringing with it the launches of several new websites. Earlier in the week we had the honor of introducing the world to the Parade of Homes' revamped site, showcasing a fresh design, new features, and added functionality.

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