3 Ways to Prepare Your Facebook Page for the New Timeline

If you have a Facebook page for your business or organization, and haven't already updated its layout to the timeline format, you will be soon. By the end of this month, Facebook will be pushing all Facebook pages (not to be confused with profiles) that haven't converted yet into the timeline design.

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AAI Sends Crew of 10 to Assist Habitat for Humanity in Minneapolis

Last Friday, Minneapolis web design firm August Ash, Inc. sent 10 of its employees to help Habitat for Humanity improve the quality of living for a local family.

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5 Blogs From 2011 Worth a Second Read

If you've been following the August Ash blog since the beginning, you know that we picked up some steam in 2011, blogging more earnestly than previously. It wasn't simply that we had more to talk about than before; we wanted to more intentionally demonstrate the effectiveness of this [almost] free tool for us and our customers who might be in the same boat.

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Take Our Site With You - It Just Got Easier

August Ash recently re-launched our website with a responsive mobile web design theme. This means that, regardless of the display size our site is viewed on, it will scale well and look “just right.”

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3 Observations on SEO Shared by Google

We in the SEO (search engine optimization) field are constantly aware of Google. We listen to Google, watch it, follow it, learn from it, and sometimes find our patience challenged by it.

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New Launch: C-Axis, Inc.

This week saw the launch of another new website; this time for C-Axis, Inc. With locations in the United States and Puerto Rico, C-Axis is a contract manufacturer serving the medical markets.

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How To Create an Email Campaign in MailChimp

One of the reasons we recommend MailChimp to customers who will be managing their own email marketing campaigns is because it's one of the most user-friendly tools out there for this. In fact, if you receive our monthly newsletter, you've probably already noticed that we use it in-house, too.

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New Launch: Cross Country Solutions

Representing makers of a variety of structural shell products, Cross Country Solutions brings respected names in residential and commercial construction to builders and developers around the nation.

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Should I Offer Instant Chat On My Company Website?

The question was recently posed to August Ash by a new customer: Should I offer instant chat on my company website? And while we helped that individual work through the many other questions that lead up to the final answer, it got us thinking. Maybe others who read our blog have wondered the same thing.

by August Ash

Upcoming Drupal and Magento Events

August Ash is excited to be attending two important upcoming industry events, and we want to spread the word to others who may also be interested.

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