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New Launch: MAC Noise

This week saw the launch of a new website for the Metropolitan Airports Commission Noise Program Office (or, MAC Noise). The redesigned site provided more than an a refreshed look and feel online for the organization, though.

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Upgrading to Drupal 7: What's at Stake

Over the last several months, our Drupal developers have been looking closer at the process of upgrading websites from Drupal 6 to Drupal 7.

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Have 2 Minutes for Google Analytics?

If you only have a couple minutes, but still want to better familiarize yourself with your Google Analytics account, today's video can help.


Magento 1.7 Coming Soon

Magento 1.7, a new update to the already dependable e-commerce platform, should be released sometime within the next month, and with it, brings some exciting new features (as well as many bug fixes).

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Where Does Your Social Media Activity Lead?

When using social media for business (or nonprofit) purposes, it's a good idea to make sure the content of your interactions is useful for your audience. In this blog, we've talked about using Facebook for businesshow to use Twitter, how to make your social media count, and ...

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Online Sales, Especially From Mobile Devices, See Increase

It should come as little surprise that more sales each year, especially during the holiday shopping season, are taking place online. But the extent of that trend remains newsworthy, bolstered by statistics that show strong increases in ecommerce purchases.

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Preparing to Conquer 2012's New Challenges

The businesses that succeed today are the ones who recognize that shopping channels change, outreach methods change, and communication tools change, but one aspect through it all hasn't changed: customer service rules and best practices.

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What Are Facebook "Likes" Worth to Your Business

If you're managing your business or nonprofit's Facebook page, how are you gauging the success of your efforts? If it's simply the number of likes your page has, the following argument is worth reading.


New Launch: Bondo®

For more than six decades, Bondo® has been helping do-it-yourselfers fill in, patch, and generally make everything look better. Through the use of Bondo's varying lines of putty, glaze, coatings, and other tools, owners of all kinds of items have been able to restore their possesions to significantly better condition.

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