New Website Launches

It's been an exceptionally busy place here at August Ash, and along with the satisfaction of working hard on our projects comes with the celebration of launching them for the rest of the world to share in.

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How Important is On-Site SEO in 2013?

With the start of a new year, we of the search engine persuasion sometimes find ourselves wondering what is to be expected in the upcoming year?  What new algorithm updates can we expect from Google?  How important will Google + become?  And will Bing continue to gain market share?  Of course with any of the would-be questions that arise, the one that matters most in our minds continues to be how important will on-site SEO remain in 2013

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New Drupal Website Launch: MHECtech

Built as an online presence for the MHEC (Midwestern Higher Education Compact) Technologies Committee, the new site replaces an existing version, and updates the overall design and feel.

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New Drupal Website Launch: Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz

There are few things more satisfying than seeing the results of a team's hard work become tangible. Doing that, and working with a smart, engaged client in the process, however, is even better.

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10 AAI Blogs From 2012 Worth Bookmarking

If you've recently discovered us, or haven't been keeping up with our blog, today's recap of last year should help.

by August Ash

Magento Certified Developer Plus Status (x4)

August Ash is proud to announce that our staff of skilled, experienced Magento programmers includes 4 who have worked hard to achieve the status of Magento Certified Developer Plus.

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New Drupal Website Launch: Crosstown Mechanical

We're excited to announce the launch of Crosstown Mechanical's new Drupal website. Check out the new profile on our Portfolio page, or click the image below to visit the new site firsthand.

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New Website Launches: A Chance To Grow & Martin Luther Campus

Two launches in the past week have helped a couple of different organizations ultimately do the same thing: meet the needs of specific groups of people.

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Content Tip of the Day: Use Headlines

Introducing new thoughts in your blog post (or any page of your site, for that matter) using short, descriptive headlines can help break up your text, keeping it easily digestible for your visitors. 

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New Drupal Website Launches: Cadillac Ranch & Dimensions - Sensata Technologies

August Ash is proud to announce the launches of two recent customer websites, both built on the powerful Drupal content management system (CMS), and featuring full web design and development by AAI.

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