Content Tip of The Day: Two Sides to Great Content

If you play any part in your website's maintenance and goal-setting, you understand by now that one of your primary opportunities is in the area of new content generation.

by August Ash

New Website Launches: Apex Machinery Supply & All Seasons Garage Door Company

We're excited to announce two recent launches for a couple of great Minnesota-based companies. Both Apex Machinery Supply and All Seasons Garage Door Company have just shared their latest websites with the public, and August Ash is proud to have been the partner they chose to make this happen.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches

Content Tip of the Day: Make it Memorable

While you should always be adding to your content, it can only be successful if that information is actually valuable to visitors. When it comes to updating your blog, creating e-mail marketing campaigns, and even posting to your social media, never let quantity eclipse quality. If you don’t have something useful to say today, save yourself the time and don’t force it. However, remember that you almost always have something useful to share; your business is always doing something. So, too, should your content.

by August Ash, under Blog Strategy, Email Marketing, Social Media

When Will Drupal 8 Be Released?

Drupal 8, the forthcoming update to the Drupal CMS, is still actively in development.  A developer can download and explore Drupal 8, but it is not yet ready for general use. 

by Dan Ficker, under Drupal

What is Drupal 8? A Primer on the Next Drupal

Drupal 7 has been out for just over two years, but as with many open source projects, the Drupal community is never dormant.

by Dan Ficker, under AAI News, Drupal, Web Design

New Website Launches

It's been an exceptionally busy place here at August Ash, and along with the satisfaction of working hard on our projects comes with the celebration of launching them for the rest of the world to share in.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches

How Important is On-Site SEO in 2013?

With the start of a new year, we of the search engine persuasion sometimes find ourselves wondering what is to be expected in the upcoming year?  What new algorithm updates can we expect from Google?  How important will Google + become?  And will Bing continue to gain market share?  Of course with any of the would-be questions that arise, the one that matters most in our minds continues to be how important will on-site SEO remain in 2013

by Bryant Crock, under Search Engine Optimization

New Drupal Website Launch: MHECtech

Built as an online presence for the MHEC (Midwestern Higher Education Compact) Technologies Committee, the new site replaces an existing version, and updates the overall design and feel.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches

New Drupal Website Launch: Milavetz, Gallop & Milavetz

There are few things more satisfying than seeing the results of a team's hard work become tangible. Doing that, and working with a smart, engaged client in the process, however, is even better.

by August Ash, under AAI Website Launches, Drupal

10 AAI Blogs From 2012 Worth Bookmarking

If you've recently discovered us, or haven't been keeping up with our blog, today's recap of last year should help.

by August Ash