Parade of Homes' objective from the start was to connect builders, remodelers, and homeowners under one central website. With an end goal to service the needs of a variety of different users, our team built a robust website  with unlimited resources and custom functionality. We've had the honor of introducing the world to the Parade of Homes' revamped site, which showcases a fresh design, interactive features, and clean navigation.  

Where Dream Homes Come True

A popular feature our team built on the Parade of Homes website gave builders and remodelers the ability to add, maintain, and share their own company profile. This information bank of hundreds of home improvement companies ultimately gives homeowners unlimited access to search and find companies pertaining to whatever service they are in need of. 

Being that this website was also a resource for finding homes, our team focused a lot on the search portion of the website to accurately help visitors find their dream homes. Homeowners are able to narrow down their search through a variety of different criteria including builder, price, location, square feet, type and style of home, school district, development, house features, and much more. Based on the chosen criteria, homes are placed on an interactive map, from which homeowners have the ability to plan their own trip planner to visit the homes. 

To top it off, visitors have access to the Parade of Homes blog- where experts offer advice, tips, and inspiration on everything home improvement. 

Parade of Homes Desktop
Parade of Homes Tablet

Built For Every Device

For visitors on-the-go, it was imperative that our team created a website that was extremely easy to use and could be accessed on mobile. Our team achieved this by building a straight-forward, clear navigation panel on the homepage that guides users to the appropriate information. The web form is completely customizable to the visitor in a sense that they can enter in criteria and needs of what they are looking for in a house, and in return receive a compiled database according to their specifications. Users can also directly locate the house listing on Google Maps and receive immediate directions straight from their mobile device. 

Parade of Homes Mobile

Powered By Drupal

Built on the powerful open-source CMS platform Drupal, is not only user-friendly to the world of online home enthusiasts who flock to the site year-round, but it was designed and built from the ground up to be user-friendly to the people actually maintaining the site. It's a win-win that lets the Parade of Homes organization make life easy for its builders, remodelers, and other providers who now have the ability to add and update their own information and data on the site.