Our Methods

Since the start, SEO has been a major focus of our approach to business and one where we’ve helped clients achieve high levels of success. We’ve helped many clients rank well for important target keywords, but the biggest gains we have witnessed have come from those clients who truly become information experts within their own target markets. We’ll show you how to become one through strategic keyword research, content strategy, technical planning and link-building strategy.
Search Engine Optimization

Significant and applicable site traffic is worth paying for when it aligns with profitable cost-per-acquisition and specific marketing goals. As a certified Google AdWords Partner, we’ve helped businesses grow through strategic search. In addition, we help support online campaign effectiveness through creative design, landing page development and performance optimization.

PPC - Pay Per Click

Visitors to your website should experience a sense of affinity and reassurance. The information they seek must be clearly positioned, next steps easy to follow and distractions eliminated. As a web design and digital marketing firm, we place considerable value on user experience—and will work with you to create one that’s both memorable and effective at generating new business.

Landing Page Development

Digital media is the best medium for supporting informed online decisions. Through free and paid tools, we are able to capture an unlimited amount of user data—which ultimately leads to new and improved actions. As your digital marketing partner, we break down the vast amount of user data, present it clearly and discuss what actionable items make the most sense for your business.

Analytics & Marketing Automation

Should your company use social media? The simple answer is “Yes.” However, success requires time and dedication and not everyone is ready to make those commitments. When you partner with August Ash, we alleviate the fear of getting started, present new and innovative ways to build an audience and help you develop strategy that’s internally manageable and has the potential to be highly successful.

Social Media Strategy

If you are ready to move your online presence to a new level, we’d like to set-up a meeting to learn more about your goals and provide the necessary steps to make them a reality. Depending on the goals we identify, we will also provide you with a recommendation as to the amount of monthly involvement our team needs in order to achieve these goals.

Our monthly Internet marketing plans are contract-free and can be modified to fit your website’s growth and changing needs.