Good Humor & Good Nature

No need to feel intimidated by techno jargon or geek speak. Our experts bridge the gap with an approachable finesse and sound values that make for a fun, creative and collaborative work environment. The result is an impressive blend of a good-natured culture and productivity.

We Build Around Your Company

At August Ash, you are more than just a client. We are strategic partners—one team, one focus—working together to build, develop and market your online presence. Each company we work with is different, and we customize websites to meet the specific needs of every business.

Creating Lasting Partnerships

Just as you invest in us, we invest in you. Our elite professionals are committed to creating long-term relationships and lasting partnerships where we collaboratively design, develop and grow your online business. Built on this foundational model, your success is our success.


As your strategic partner, we’ll help you with a variety of online applications and tools, including:

Web Design
Internet Marketing
SEO - Search Engine Optimization
eCommerce Design & Development

You are different, your needs are unique, you deserve your own strategy. Our site designs and Internet marketing strategies are highly customizable, ensuring that you receive the most effective roadmap for success. We’re not interested in doing the same thing over and over; we’re interested in developing online solutions that meet the unique challenges of your industry.

Sometimes it’s a redesign, sometimes it’s a complete site overhaul and sometimes it is new functionality. Always, it is effective. Simply put … we are craftspeople, artisans, wordsmiths, a little on the geeky side. We are creative and technical … designing, developing and helping you be discovered through comprehensive Search Engine Optimization and Content Management strategies.

Our expert staff collaborates with you to develop and enhance your marketing strategy. Then we back it up with the technology to realize your dreams.

We mentioned that we are committed. Committed to what? Your long-term growth and success. Our support doesn’t end after the launch of a new website or new service. We are here for the long haul. Our ongoing support services include updates, security patches and adaptable SEO strategies. This commitment is why our clients continue to retain us as their trusted business and web partner.