Every website has its own unique purpose and goals. At August Ash, we don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. Through nearly two decades of working with a variety of clients with specific needs, we have created a comprehensive and collaborative web development strategy that takes clients from the planning stages to a successful and profitable launch.

This isn’t just a one-time investment; it’s a continual commitment to help you develop the website that meets the dynamic needs of a constantly changing business world. As a strategic partner, we’ll help you discover and develop new and effective features that keep your business atop your industry.

Our web development strategy is based on the principles of Agile Software Development.

Strategic Partner

At the start of the process, we ask questions … lots of them. We want to thoroughly understand what you want from your website, not only from the look and feel of it, but more importantly, how you want the site to perform. We also want to understand how your business functions and how web development can enhance it. We want to know if e-commerce would make sense, what custom applications would make your business stand out and what content management system works best not only for functionality but also for ease of use.

It’s a fully integrated approach.

We use open source platforms, such as Magento and Drupal, because their flexibility allows us to customize an experience that brings significant value to each client. We leverage wireframes to effectively lay out the contents of a site, and we also use style tiles to ensure that we accurately reflect branding while protecting your budget and allowing for change down the road.

Project Planning

As strategic partners, you will be involved with the website development at each step in the process. You provide business insight. We provide Internet and marketing expertise.

With this in mind, we use an iterative approach to developing your project. We release fully tested and functional copies of your site to a development server where you can interact with the site and provide us with critical feedback.

In addition to being fully tested, your website’s code will be backed up using a Github repository, which allows us the ability to go back and access previous versions of code if needed.

Project Production

Through the planning and production processes, we will develop a highly effective and dynamic website—one that meets your online needs and future growth potential. At this point, you might think we’re done. We’re not.

At AAI, we take seriously our commitment to being strategic partners. So when it’s time to modernize your site, you won’t be left alone. We will be there to support your website or application with additional training, updates and ongoing Internet marketing. Your business and website are constantly evolving; you can rest assured that we’re here to help you navigate the waves of change.

Post Production Support